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About Vantage
Vantage is an EQ2 raid guild on the Maj'Dul server.
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Avatar of Bones down, 2 to go!

by Lynch_EQ2, 18 hours ago

Avatar of Bones

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Feridus and Grezou down, 3 to go!

by Lynch_EQ2, 4 days ago

Last weekend Vantage took down two more foes, Feridus Emberblaze and the wicked Grezou. Only 3 more kills separate us from clearing all PoP raid content.

feridus emberblaze


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Bertoxxulous dead!

by Lynch_EQ2, 15 days ago

When mortal enemies are not enough challenge anymore, you just have to go for the gods. 
Well done Vantage, grats on the shiny loot!


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